Creative politics

The two simple keys to help your message break through the chaos

Challenge yourself and your organization to be fearless and do it over and over again.

In 2016, we said to ourselves that our creative had to break through other political and brand marketing.

Right now, marketers and advertisers have to break through all of that plus:

  • an erratic news cycle that follows the unpredictable day-to-day nature of the current administration
  • an impeachment inquiry
  • social media companies playing Content God with their algorithms
  • slowly escalating global crises tied to universal unrest, inequality, migration, and climate change

And this applies to everyone, not just political teams. The complex online lives Americans lead are only going to continue to accept more and more input as technology makes it possible.

One might make the argument that a marketer should go heavier with paid content to break through.

But with coming regulation and privacy laws, starting in California just next year, the move away from cookies in the ad tech world, and flawed video view/completion rates reporting by media providers, I would argue that, though it’s certainly better than nothing, a quick aggressive paid plan is not the right approach.

So what is?

Queue up the Teapot from Beauty and the Beast.


To break through everything that is going on, brands and organizations need to be consistently present in the eyes and minds of their fans and supporters. There are many tactics to leverage but no matter what the media mix is, being there for the long haul will have the campaign trending upward.

Bold Creative

The best creative campaigns stand out above everything else because they catch your eye, they make you laugh, or they make you feel something. Political marketers are occasionally clever but hardly ever bold. Bold doesn’t have to be tacky or garish. And bold doesn’t have to be negative. It can be best described as unexpected.

Committing to consistent communication and taking brave new creative approaches are the two keys to breaking through this cycle.

Notice how neither of these key points talk about polls or the opposition? I’m not dismissing them entirely – they’re important parts of the ecosystem.

But to make creative that breaks through, those things don’t matter. In fact, worrying about them only gets in the way.

Consistency and risk.

Consistency and risk.

Consistency and risk.

Challenge yourself and your organization to be fearless and do it over and over again. And you will find that your key message not only breaks through, it sticks.