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Political Campaign Launch Checklist

On any level of the ticket, there are some basic components that we expect of a campaign launch online. Sometimes, there are situations where you need to be ready to announce in a moment’s notice, and it can be difficult to determine what is immediately needed to get things started.

The predatory environment and changing vendor landscape creates chaos and confusion for first time candidates. Media firms claim they do digital. Digital firms claim they do branding. We’ve heard it all, right?

Let me clear the air for you.

Here’s a quick and dirty check list for when you have limited time or resources to announce your candidacy.

Develop your campaign brand

☑️ Logo and simple style guide that includes colors, fonts, button-style

☑️ Photography and b-roll video that represents your brand

Make a splash with your launch video

☑️ Digital versions of launch video cut to shorter run-times and including a CTA/button on the end frame

☑️ Ask for stills to be taken during filming for later use/consistency

All of the digital components

☑️ Before you roll out that launch video, have a nice looking landing page (single page website that is mobile friendly!) with these two main goals:

  1. collecting donations
  2. email sign up

☑️ Don’t focus on building social media channels and audiences right away. You can share your launch organically from existing accounts (or even run ads), but be sure to push everything back to your site, not a facebook page.

☑️ Your campaign website should not have links to follow you on social media in prominent places like the header or footer. Instead, put them on a contact page to de-emphasize them.

☑️ Focus on building your email list only!

☑️ Update all of your social media profile links to send users to your sign up form or landing page – keep driving people to email.

☑️ Set up one onboarding email (at least) to auto-respond to people when they sign up for your email list. Thank them for signing up and start to share your story and why you’re running.

☑️ Even if that one email isn’t a fundraising email, always include a donation link in the email for anyone inspired to do so.

Launch Time

That’s it! That’s the bare-bones list of things you can do to get your political campaign off to a great start online.

Unless you’re a professional marketer, you will need help doing some of these things for your campaign and that’s ok. Just take this list with you as you plan your launch to help keep your priorities top of mind.