The majority of my writing these days is away from public view and lives inside the inboxes of awesome people all around the world.

Political Jobs

I write for two (yes 2!) lists as it relates to Political Jobs. One is for “the people” where I share recent job openings and share relevant industry-specific findings from around the web. Sign up for the jobs email here

The second list is for leaders and HR-types and I write about trends I see, feedback I hear from job hunters, and share best practices on everything from how to write a job description with great SEO to how to keep your team from gossiping about your firm. Sign up for the hiring manager email here

My own list

Outside of Political Jobs, I’m writing for my own list of friends and soon to be friends. On my email list, which comes out about twice a month, I share what’s going on with the various things I’m building or what I’m consulting on or something cool from the web.

Sometimes I get into what it’s like to be a millennial working mom and get a bunch of nice emails back when I do. You were warned.

I write for this list in hopes that one day I will be sharing news about a screenplay sold, book finished, or some other creative professional accomplishment.

Ok, it’s basically a diary.

Come along for the ride here.

Hashtag Blessed Hashtag Writing

I’m happy that I often get to write for other people and organizations, too. That is my most official writing beat and happens under the Wellmade umbrella.