Hey there!

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I mostly use this site to direct visitors to other things I’m working on.

I’m currently an independent marketing and creative consultant. I focus my practice on digital marketing, product design, and design strategy. I am taking on new projects so please reach out if you are interested in working together.

I spend most my working time engaged in creative work. Sometimes it’s for clients, other times its for niches:

Political Jobs – helping awesome teams connect with awesome people

Rogue Merch – celebrating the swamp

Not often enough, I write things like:

Why I started a job board to help more people work in politics

If you want to feel passionate about your job, work in politics.

and also:

Creative Automation: Software is coming for creative jobs.

Sometimes I’m asked to speak at conferences about digital marketing and creative best practices.

If you’re seeking for more of a linear looking professional bio, head over to LinkedIn.

Given all that, I’m pretty easy to find online. Reach out. I’d love to hear from you.